US Mortgage Lenders LLC via seeking 1099 Florida licensed loans officers. As a loan officer you work from home or your office and market niche mortgage programs and superior mortgage services to anyone that needs a mortgage, i.e. realtors and consumers.

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Attention All Florida Loan Officers and Branches Seeking a Loan Officer Job

US Mortgage Lenders LLC is a full service lender currently seeking licensed Mortgage Originators and Branch Managers via loan officer If you are currently looking for a loan officer job, then US Mortgage Lenders is your home. We offer a variety of mortgage programs with the highest income opportunity through our correspondent channels as well as our broker. If there is a loan that needs to get closed, we get it done. As a

Florida Branch Managers Jobs
Lender Paid Comp with No Padded rates
All Funds Are Sent Directly to Your Checking Account
24 HR Underwriting
Zero Credit Score Programs
Paperless Applications and Closing’s
State of the Art LOS System

Florida Loan Originators Jobs

Payouts Within 24 Hours
No Fees on Correspondent Loans
90% Compensation For All Brokered Loans
1099 Where States Permit
Optimal Blue-Pricing Engine
Ability to Work from Home

US Mortgage lenders strives to be a leader in the industry by offering our employees the ability to work in an entrepreneur environment. With a variety of mortgage lenders such as UWM, Plaza, Freedom, Carrington and many more give you the flexibility to achieve the success you deserve. For more information, please contact us

Why US Mortgage Lenders?

US Mortgage Lenders Financial principle objective is to serve each of it customers with the up most quality and honesty in obtaining a mortgage. All of our Florida mortgage loan originators has been licensed through the National Mortgage Licensing System with additional training in ethics and state of the art technologies.  US Mortgage Lenders mortgage originators are training to obtain you the prefect mortgage at the least amount of cost.

When obtaining a Florida mortgage from US Mortgage Lenders you are not just gaining a mortgage but a mortgage company that you can entrust for the rest of your life with your most valued investment. We have supplied mortgages for individuals for not just one house, nor two but many more. You have not just gained a mortgage but a mortgage company for a lifetime.


US Mortgage Lenders is a full service mortgage company. At US Mortgage Lenders we provide the opportunity for Florida loan officers to achieve the true entrepreneurial experience. We are currently seeking Branch Managers and Florida loan officers via loan officer who possess a great work ethic, honesty and the desire to be the best. US Mortgage Lenders affiliated with hundreds of the nation’s leading lenders, enabling Florida loan officers to build a solid foundation on quality loan products while staying competitive and well positioned for new market trends. We are large enough to provide you with the necessary tools and resources needed to be a successful Florida loan officers, and small enough to know each of our employees by name.

US Mortgage Lenders we avoid statements like “best”, or “lowest fees”. We believe Florida loan officers can distinguish popular advertising slogans from a quality product. Adjusting to a rapidly changing business landscape and continuing to provide better opportunities for Florida loan officers is not just our business, it is our mission. US Mortgage Lenders has built a reliable reputation throughout the country. With unparalleled dedication to serving our employees, and an unrivaled commitment to our customers. US Mortgage Lenders brings loyalty, education and integrity to the industry. We believe that every Florida loan officers we work with is a part of our family, and that our family always comes first. We challenge you to explore, research and discover why US Mortgage Lenders LLC is the finest you will find. We look forward to working with you and having you come aboard as one of our loyal family members.

US Mortgage Lenders has developed a strong reputation helping Florida loan officers originate and close loans in all types of financial environments. USML offers the most innovated technologies along with the most updated software in the industry. At US Mortgage Lenders LLC we pride ourselves on customer service. Florida loan officers know that all phone calls are answered and emails replied to within that day. We are fully committed in helping the Florida loan officers close loans as efficiently and quickly as possible. As Florida loan officers, if you aren’t closing loans then none of us are moving forward. You are the most important part of the company, and will always be treated in that manor.


Occupation code Occupation title (click on the occupation title to view its profile) Level Employment Employment RSE Employment per 1,000 jobs Location quotient Median hourly wage Mean hourly wage Annual mean wage Mean wage RSE
00-0000 All Occupations total 7,925,300 0.4% 1000.000 1.00 $15.29 $20.60 $42,860 0.3%
11-0000 Management Occupations major 264,540 0.8% 33.379 0.66 $47.73 $55.62 $115,680 0.4%
11-1011 Chief Executives detail 13,970 2.4% 1.763 1.02 (5) $97.26 $202,300 1.3%
11-1021 General and Operations Managers detail 72,840 1.2% 9.191 0.59 $51.86 $61.62 $128,160 0.7%
11-1031 Legislators detail 1,480 4.6% 0.186 0.46 (4) (4) $40,880 3.2%
11-2011 Advertising and Promotions Managers detail 780 6.6% 0.099 0.46 $48.21 $56.58 $117,680 3.4%
11-2021 Marketing Managers detail 7,270 4.6% 0.917 0.66 $52.59 $57.62 $119,860 2.3%
11-2022 Sales Managers detail 14,300 2.8% 1.804 0.68 $57.02 $63.95 $133,020 1.3%
11-2031 Public Relations and Fundraising Managers detail 1,450 5.2% 0.182 0.42 $52.30 $57.16 $118,890 2.4%
11-3011 Administrative Services Managers detail 9,580 2.3% 1.209 0.62 $48.44 $51.35 $106,820 1.4%
11-3021 Computer and Information Systems Managers detail 10,710 2.4% 1.351 0.55 $61.57 $66.18 $137,660 0.9%
11-3031 Financial Managers detail 18,640 1.9% 2.352 0.61 $57.74 $65.75 $136,760 1.1%
11-3051 Industrial Production Managers detail 4,480 3.9% 0.566 0.46 $47.14 $55.61 $115,670 3.7%
11-3061 Purchasing Managers detail 2,440 6.1% 0.307 0.58 $53.23 $57.03 $118,620 2.2%
11-3071 Transportation, Storage, and Distribution Managers detail 3,930 4.2% 0.496 0.63 $44.03 $46.84 $97,430 1.8%
11-3111 Compensation and Benefits Managers detail 550 5.3% 0.070 0.61 $45.96 $50.21 $104,440 1.7%
11-3121 Human Resources Managers detail 4,260 2.7% 0.537 0.60 $49.40 $54.43 $113,210 1.0%
11-3131 Training and Development Managers detail 1,210 7.2% 0.152 0.67 $45.29 $49.03 $101,970 2.5%
11-9013 Farmers, Ranchers, and Other Agricultural Managers detail 130 17.3% 0.017 0.54 $42.54 $46.15 $95,990 5.5%
11-9021 Construction Managers detail 18,020 3.4% 2.273 1.31 $37.75 $43.42 $90,310 1.7%
11-9031 Education Administrators, Preschool and Childcare Center/Program detail 560 12.6% 0.070 0.21 $27.87 $30.16 $62,720 7.0%
11-9032 Education Administrators, Elementary and Secondary School detail 4,710 3.1% 0.595 0.35 (4) (4) $91,030 1.9%
11-9033 Education Administrators, Postsecondary detail 1,190 6.9% 0.150 0.15 $52.79 $58.33 $121,320 3.1%
11-9039 Education Administrators, All Other detail 1,170 6.1% 0.148 0.64 $44.15 $45.94 $95,560 2.5%
11-9041 Architectural and Engineering Managers detail 6,900 3.2% 0.871 0.67 $57.56 $60.49 $125,810 1.3%

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