US Mortgage Lenders LLC via seeking 1099 Florida licensed loans officers. As a loan officer you work from home or your office and market niche mortgage programs and superior mortgage services to anyone that needs a mortgage, i.e. realtors and consumers.

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Loan Officer Income

Loan officers earn income when the loan funds.

US Mortgage lenders LLC Lender paid compensation plans call for 2.75% paid on each loan closing.

US Mortgage Lenders will deduct 10% of the gross payout +plus a $200 qualify control fee on each and every closed loan.

Example 200,000 loan amount times 2.75 Lender paid comp = $5500 Total Commission.

US Mortgage Lenders will collect 10% or $500+ $200 qualify control fee totaling $700 on this example.

The Contractor loan officer would earn 4800 on this example along.

Lean how loan officers can easily make over 10,000 per month.

54 ways to generate mortgage business.


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